Our Targetted Business Sectors

EU-Eminent look for business opportunities where we can add value to raw material inputs creating product which the market requires.

Mineral Processing

Currently, the Company is working on the implementation of hard stone aggregate and cement manufacture for the heavy construction materials industry, production of high purity calcium carbonate for the paper sector, and extraction of high value metals

Renewable Energy

The Company’s commitment to environmental improvement and to meet the nation’s energy shortfall, they have major investment projects in the delivery of biodiesel and ethanol from agricultural crops together with substantial development of crop plantations.

Agriculture & Food Products

The Company's ambitious plans including the expansioin of their rice processing and cultivation facilities, production of cassava flour, and much more

Specialised Technology

The Company is currently working actively with specialist technology companies to develop the application of their processes to the African Continent and Nigeria specifically.  The current areas of interest are aviation specifically, hybrid power and surveillance drones; waste processing where we are looking at recyclable material recovery; and satellite derived data transmission technology.

Divisional Support Services

Centralised accounting, legal and corporate services, product transportation, product packaging, and IT services covering all operations for the Group.  The functions will be headed up by expert experienced managers advising the operational divisional management on best practise. An Internal Audit Department reporting to the Group Board will oversee systems throughout the operational and support departments.

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